Die ausgezeichneten Verpackungs- und Industriefolien von TOYOBO eignen sich
sehr gut für eine breite Palette von Endanwendungen und Lösungen.



Aufgrund ihrer außergewöhnlichen Eigenschaften haben unsere Funktionsharze eine Pionierrolle als Klebstoffe, Überzugmittel und mehr.


BREATHAIR® ist ein einzigartiges Polstermaterial, das in vielen Bereichen verwendet wird, so etwa in der Kraftfahrzeugindustrie, in Außenbereichen, im häuslichen Bereich und auf vielen anderen Sektoren.


Spinreact Quality

ISO 13485:2003

(Quality certification for the manufacturing and testing of medical products for In Vitro Diagnosis)

At SPINREACT above all, we value the quality of our products, giving special attention to the production and control process in an effort to ensure the appropriate performance of our reagents. All our products undergo strict quality controls during each stage of manufacture. When a batch is approved, SPINREACT always keeps a part of it at its facilities in order to carry out further checks if the need arises.

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ISO 9001:2008

(Quality certification)

In order to ensure the quality of service to our customers as well as a correct internal functioning, SPINREACT meets all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008. The company undergoes regular internal and external auditing to ensure the standards are maintained throughout time.

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ISO 14001:2004

In SPINREACT we are committed to environmental conservation. For this reason in 2013 we incorporated the ISO accreditation 14001:2004 in order to ensure that all our practices strictly follow all legal criteria regarding environmental conservation and to reduce the impact of our activities on our environment.

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